About Our CLan

I am known on Runescape as Frog Monster. I am the leader of The Imperial Order, and manager of this site.We have a Runehead page, which lists all our clan members and their ranks. I try to keep both sites updates as much as possible, however it can be alot of work.

The Imperial Order started out as a friendschat a few years ago when it was first introduced. It grew from the initial 6 starting members of the clan to a thriving community clan that is a few years old, and still going strong.
We have members from all over the world, though most people are from America. The Imperial Order is a social group where we all know eachother but we are always welcoming to new members in our clan! You won’t be just another name in the sidebar, we will talk with just about anyone.

We believe in individual freedom. Whatever pixel icon someone has infront of their names in a clan shouldn’t matter, and with us it doesn’t. You have the freedom to speak up and say your opinion about anything, that includes religion & politics, something other clans are very strict about. 
Don’t bow down and fear the key ranks, or any other rank for that matter. We are all just Runescape players and have no right to boss anyone around.. and we won’t.

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